A Guide to All-Natural Dog Treats

Understanding food labels can be a challenge, and most pet owners don’t have the time for in-depth research on both human and pet food. However, you need to know what you’re allowing in your dog’s diet for their health and safety. That’s why you should put 100% All-Natural Hawaii Made Dog Treats on the menu. Learn more about how your dog will benefit from natural treats over commercial brands below.

A Guide to All-Natural Dog Treats

What Is the Harm in Commercial Treats?

Most dog owners tend to trust products that claim to be made for their pets, but unfortunately, commercial brands aren’t always honest. Although they may claim to be wholesome, many manufactured dog treats contain low-grade fillers, byproducts, and harmful substances that could wreak havoc on your pet’s health. In 2007, the FDA issued a recall on a popular food brand that was contaminated with melamine. This chemical, widely used in plastic manufacturing, caused fatal kidney failure in cats and dogs.

Although contaminants won’t be listed in the nutrition facts, there are many ingredients you’ll want to avoid. Skip over any treats that contain xylitol, MSG, nitrates or nitrites, animal byproducts, artificial coloring, and corn syrup. These chemicals and additives negatively affect pet health.

How Do You Choose What’s Right for Your Dog?

Start paying extra attention to the ingredients listed in food products. Hawaii Made Dog Treats are completely transparent in their treat content and nutritional information. They don’t use fillers or byproducts, so you know you’re giving your pet high-quality, all-natural food.

When you buy all-natural dog treats, you won’t have to worry about artificial additives because they’re derived from natural sources. Plus, when products contain low-quality fillers rather than healthy ingredients, you aren’t getting your money’s worth. Hawaii Made Dog Treats contain exactly one ingredient: dehydrated fish for the fish skin chews and dehydrated venison in the venison jerky. With just a single ingredient rich in protein and fiber, these Hawaii made treats make the perfect healthy snack for your dog.


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