Hana Hotties BBQ Rubs


Product Description

Ready to use All Purpose Rub !!  Originally developed as a spicy rub for BBQ pork, BBQ chicken and grilled fish, we found that it was perfect to use on and IN any seasoning, marinade, jerks and sauces.

Now available for our HanaHotties fans, who love that little KICK! This All Purpose Spice mix can replace the salt and pepper shaker.

Perfect for blackened fish (Use to make fish tacos), season that steak for the grill, put it on baked potato, in chili (any bean dish), spice to make beef jerky, put it on popcorn, sky is the limit with this spice!

Ingredient; Smoked Paprika, Hawaiian sugar, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Ana chili, Hawaiian chili, lemon peel, cumin, thyme, oregano, Black and white pepper.