Maui Country Jams and Jellies


Product Description

"There is a quiet little farm that makes the best jellies and jams on the planet. We invite you to try their farm fresh Maui grown products and taste the Aloha"

Maui Upcountry Jams and Jellies Farm use only the best ingredients.  With no artificial sweeteners or preservatives added, Their Jams will soon become your favorite spread. The blending of the flavors creates a condiment that will delight your senses.       

     1. Mango Jam 

The wide variety of mangos has been a longtime favorite for many generations of islanders.  The fruit is often referred to as an “island peach.”

     2. Lilikoi Jelly 

The beautiful passion fruit, the main ingredient in Lilikoi Jelly.  A purple & white flower but the fruit has a yellow or purple rind and numerous small black wedge-shaped seeds that are individually surrounded by deep orange-colored sacs containing the juice, which is the edible part of the fruit.  The seeds are removed and only the juice is used, to make this fabulous delicious jelly with a distinctive exotic flavor.

     3. Pineapple Mustard 

Pineapples compete with mangos as the fruit most famously associated with the islands.  The locally grown fresh pineapples we use in our Pineapple Mustard are a sweet, juicy, and delicious complement to our gourmet mustard.

Try spreading it on crackers or use it as one of the ingredients in your holiday ham glaze.

     4. Guava Jelly
Made with uncompromising standards for taste and quality, Maui Upcountry Jams and Jellies Farm adds no preservatives or artificial sweetener

    5. Kula Black Raspberry Jam

Bountiful Kula Black Raspberries grown on the MUPCJJ Farm are the main ingredient for this delicious preserve.  Black raspberries handpicked at the very moment of perfect ripeness are bursting with flavor.

     6. Strawberry Guava Jelly 

Upcountry Kula, strawberry guavas are a dark, red-skinned miniature guava.  The fruit are small and hand-picked when ripe and ready to be processed to produce this premium jelly which subtly suggests hints of guavas and strawberries.