Hawaii Grown Beef Bar


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Product Description

  • HAWAII GROWN BY HAWAII’S OWN: Kunoa Cattle Company 

    Kunoa believes that whenever possible the food eaten in Hawaii should be born, raised, and processed here. In an ideal system, animals are nourished naturally on vegetative forages, humanely handled, and butchered locally. This is their goal—to help foster an agricultural landscape that supports local farmers growing quality food for their island neighbors . This philosophy, combined with their commitment to land stewardship, holistic management, and renewable energy aims to honor the culture of Hawaii and positions Kunoa and our communities for a truly sustainable future.

    Translated to English, Kunoa means ‘stand free’ 

    KUNOA BEEF JERKY: 2oz. Bag


    Our original Sea Salt & Spice Beef Jerky pays homage to the most important ingredient...the beef! The true flavor of our pasture-raised, Hawaii-grown beef is complemented by sea salt, garlic, black pepper, and a hint of papaya for traditional island flavor. With 12g of protein and only 60 calories per serving, our 2oz bag is a great source of energy to throw in your pack before your next hike, bike or surf. 

    Ingredients: Beef, Water, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Celery Juice Powder, Garlic, Black Pepper, Onion, Paprika, Kombucha, Papaya Powder


    Local, Natural, and Healthy Food is Best Food

    Cattle Raised In Hawaii CATTLE RAISED IN HAWAII
    Rotationally Grazed ROTATIONALLY GRAZED
    Processed In Renewable Energy Facilities PROCESSED IN RENEWABLE ENERGY FACILITIES
    Sustainable, Local, Quality Beef SUSTAINABLE, LOCAL, QUALITY BEEF


    Producing more local food and doing it in a way that honors Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources is not the job of one company. It will be the result of sustained commitment and collaboration between producers, consumers, politicians, activists, and more. Kunoa working on doing their part in fueling the shift to local food and re-energizing the market around Hawaii beef. Having purchased and invested heavily in the state’s largest butchery on Oahu, Kunoa is opening new options for Hawaii ranchers, supporting a pathway for more cattle to be raised for local consumption—and allowing it to be done at a lower cost, keeping more ranchers, more jobs, and more land in agriculture.


    Cattle are healthiest on a diverse diet of grasses, forbs, sedges, shrubs, grains, and even trees; that’s how the species evolved, and that’s how our ancestors traditionally fed their domesticated herds. This changed during the industrial revolution when humans flipped the food pyramid for beef cattle on its head. Instead of growing to maturity on modest, natural amounts of grains and fatty legumes while roaming at pasture, many cattle now spend the last several months of life in confined feeding operations gaining weight on a diet mostly absent of grass.

    In Hawaii, with year-round growing season and plentiful water, Kunoa cattle are able to grow as their physiology intended them to—happily grazing on plentiful local forages and carefully selected supplements while steadily, and healthily, gaining weight without any added hormones or antibiotics. Throughout their entire life cycle, the health of the animals is Kunoa's top concern. They treat each and every cow humanely and with the dignity these remarkable animals deserve.