Hawaiian Chili Pepper Soy Sauce Shoyu: Gluten Free


Brand: Naike

Product Description

Crafted in small batches, bottles & labeled by hand, this simple blend of Aloha Shoyu, vinegar & locally grown peppers is a favorite condiment made by husband and wife, Nani & Mike Kahinu From Kalamaula, Moloka'i. 

Great to use was a sipping sauce for crispy roast pork, bbq meats, lay lay, lumpia, and green mango. It can be drizzled over opine, oysters, panic, fried Saimin, fried fish and rice, and many more!!! Use it as a chaser with your favorite drink. Try it with your favorite food or take it with you since it needs no refrigeration after opening. Bottles come with an easy to close cap. 

Available it two heats... Gluten Free - 5oz plastic bottles 

1. Original: For those who just like that bite of vinegar & little bit of heat.

2. Hot: For those who like it spicy!!!