Reusable Tote bags


Product Description

100% cotton canvas bags measure 15 inches by 18 inches—stylish, durable, and versatile— customized with personal artwork designs.


Art By Tioni Acain, a local artist born and raised on the island of Maui. 2019 Grand prize Winner of the 31st Lahaina Art Society’s annual poster contest using acrylic painting.

An artist inspired by the wonders of nature and beauty that life has to offer. Reminiscing about the past times at the beach, going out on the boat, or camping on the weekends.

" My paintings focus predominately on the beauty in life and things to be thankful for. Past times at the beach, being on my Father’s boat, and camping on the weekends, were experiences I wanted to share. I am inspired most by my family and friends, obsessed with scenery, and motivated by music. As my Father adopted the role of my art critic, his advice and suggestions added value to my paintings. Art is and will always be my passion. With the desire to inspire gratefulness through my art, I hope to do well for the community."